Isle of Wight

Holidays are wonderful times.

Whether shared with family, friends or just on your own a holiday is what you make of it.

Our annual holiday for me as a child / teenager in the late 1960s early 70s was to the beautiful Isle of Wight. 

Staying in self catering accommodation in Ryde it was so exciting and we had so much too look forward to. 

We didn’t own a car so travel was by coach down to Portsmouth Harbour and Wightlink ferry (or Sealink as it was known then when it was owned and operated by British Rail) to Ryde pier head making it feel like we were going abroad.

We always stayed in the same building in Lind Street opposite Ryde town hall.  This was and is as its still there, a magnificent place with a basement, first, second and third floor accommodation.  Each year we would stay on a different floor, booking up with the owner (in them days Mr & Mrs Hall) before the end of our holidays.

Now in 2018,  I live in The Isle of Wight having moved in 1992 and love it here.

Not a great lot has changed since the 70’s, the island lives for the tourists but behind that there is so much beautiful scenery, be it coastal or inland with the green fields, i never get tired of it.  

Entertainment for tourists has changed over the years. 

Places have been sold or closed down for numerous reasons owners retiring, selling up etc (St Lawrence Bird Park, Flamingo Park or Seaview Wildlife Encounter as it was known for the last few years of its life, Colemans Farm, Yafford Mill, Ryde Ice skating rink are a few that come to mind, but on the plus side new attractions have opened, Tapnell FarmMonkey Haven – primate rescue alongside all time favourites Isle of Wight Zoo home to the big cats, Blackgang Chine, Robin Hill, Isle of Wight steam railway, and many many more which hopefully you will come and experience.

So my first choice for a holiday has got to be the beautiful ISLE OF WIGHT.